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Hello! I'm Andie, a latino theatre director from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Commercial Productions

"El Resto es Silencio" (And then, silence) - Shaking Shakespeare - Museo Larreta, Buenos Aires, Argentina. (2021)

Role: Creator & Director

In 2021, together with Colombian director Laura Eslava we created El Resto es Silencio. A modern adaptation on Shakespeare's Hamlet in which the audience through an app could vote while the play was running which scenes they wanted to watch next, some actions that could happen that affected the course of the play and at the end they could choose who they wanted to kill Prince Hamlet, making it a digitally immersive experience. 

"Mamá Está Más Chiquita" (Mum is getting smaller) - Teatro La Comedia - Buenos Aires, Argentina. (2017)


Role: Director

Mamá Está Más Chiquita is a story full of humor and sensitivity that takes you inside a small family united despite adversity. Rita has two children: Diego, eighteen, and Clara, sixteen.

Diego is very sensitive. He has always had a really active imagination, but in recent years his fantasy universe has been gaining place over the harshness of the real world.

Clara is a teenager who tries to free herself from the oppressive environment of her house, with the help of her boyfriend Germán. The problem is that Rita is a very present mother. Maybe too much. Rita receives news that calls into questioning her claims to control and protect her nest. She is getting smaller, and sooner or later it is going to disappear.

Winner of the 2017 edition of Bienal de Arte Joven de Buenos Aires, Mamá Está Mas Chiquita has reached Panama, Mexico and Spain. 

"Richard O Brien's The Rocky Horror Show" - Teatro Maipo- Buenos Aires, Argentina. (2016-2017).

Role: Director & Producer. Company leader. 

In 2016, I produced and Directed Argentina's third professional production of The Rocky Horror Show. The piece opened on August 2016 at Teatro Maipo and had an incredibly successful run up until it's closing in October 2017. One week before performances started tickets were sold out, and the show played to many full houses during its run. 

The play not only allowed the audience to participate in an active way by dressing up as the characters of the show, shouting to the actors onstage, singing and dancing and the use of props at certain parts of the musical. 

Another singularity of this production was that the role of the Narrator was performed by a different Argentinean celebrity each night such as: Marcos Mundstock, Moria Casan, Graciela Alfano, Marley and many others


Moulin Rouge - El Musical - 2022

Role: Director, Set Designer, Light Design.

This production performed by students had the peculiarity that it was played in a circus-like theatre, where audiences sat all around the stage in different seatings. The VIP guests sat at tables on-stage, as a part of the Moulin Rouge, making it also an immersive experience. 

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